CoreGUI Enterprise B123702-beta-6.7-git-dev-c5f8da49

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1.2.4-Enterprise V123702 Beta 6.7 with Update 5b228622

Roundup update

This build is classed as a Roundup update and is currently in-development.

A list of patches and updates can be found below.


This build updates CoreGUI's solution to VS2022. As such, CoreGUI now requires .net 4.8 to run. This will be backported to 4.5.2 at release level.

Update 3d1d0d157c773ea72255ddc584a3664f3337d82d

  • Removes dead functions from ICEngine
  • Resolves an issue in ICEngine where nothing is returned when polling hardware
  • Adds ASUS based processes to CGSYSPROC.CGUI
  • InitSetup Optimised
  • Resolves an issue in InitSetup where hot-reloading F1 causes it to fail due to InitSetup not reaching it's desired Opacity
  • Attempts to resolve an issue in Tasklistz where an error occurs for the thread not being able to suspend/abort
  • An attempt to update resource VRTB was attempted but caused issues, this has been reverted
  • Menu reorganisation is being introduced in this update with new app support
  • Resolves an issue where new app links do not follow the correct theme
  • Adds support for detecting basic applications
  • Introduces support for runtime menu additions

Update 346aba06babf6b7cbcc446c2c392fc63428b783f

  • Adds support for additional applications in F1's Apps menu
  • Adds support to automatically seek and remove dead App menu links
  • Adds invert support when highlighting menu links added at runtime

Update 1e3f0f344385a42f6a49e6afc6721b1de365ea05

  • Makes Notificationbox smaller
  • Removes detection of IE at startup now that the apps menu will auto-detect this
  • Removes log spam from Notificationbox
  • Adds Terminal Server and Users links to CoreSettings
  • Updates AppCrash to modernise it and make it smaller
  • Resolves an issue where HP remote iLO console is not detected if the HP version is installed and not the HPE variant
  • Separate's F1's ConstructMenu so this can be called when needed or skipped if causing errors
  • Adds Microsoft Office support to F1

Feature Update 9edeabcd8f7c78bed075616bc03798216126a309

  • Adds support for F1 to detect apps from the users Start Menu folder
  • Resolves an issue where the HP Remote iLO console application does not launch the app if the HP version is installed instead of the HPE version

Update 1fae4c6fc2d44d83df48682b0d78612ada28f05b

  • Attempts to resolve an issue where triple level folders do not work in F1 when detecting from the Start Menu folder
  • Implements System Start Menu folder support to F1

Update c5f8da496f3fac652eb1d96c2d0c067b7902329b

  • Resolves an issue where applications are added to the wrong start menu link
  • Adds separate start menu buttons in F1 to split the Users start menu into the Applications folder and the System Start Menu applications folder in its own
  • Updates Instigator with the current activty

Update (hotfix) 5b2286222acd56b96e02e38c84682ea71c1ef6fb

  • Updates LMA's logging to display what's failing to launch

Known Issues

  • On some systems, checkboxes do not display correctly
  • On some systems, CoreGUI will randomly crash with a Generic GDI error.
  • On Gigabyte FX 4000 based boards and Fujitsu LifeBook A512's, tasklistz will trip it's anti-crash system and fail to display CPU statistics
  • On some systems, tasklistz will fail to display CPU Speed and Utilisation, however all other functions will continue to work
  • When loading tasklistz for the first time without the global blacklist being present, an unsafe thread operation error will appear
  • dedupmenu cannot be moved around
  • On some systems, and in backstage mode, notifications on some systems cannot be manually dismissed
  • The new beta menu does not always display correctly and is mostly non-functional in this stage