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CGUIWP32 (a.k.a the CoreGUI Wallpaper Application [32-Bit]) is an Additional Dependancy that displays a wallpaper on Core versions of Windows, or versions that opt-in to use it.

CGUIWP32 works by displaying an image at the resolution of the primary display and brings every other application in front of it every second.


CGUIWP32 has a single interface on beta versions that can be used to change the size mode of the displayed image.

This includes:

  • Stretch
  • Tile
  • Zoom
  • Center


CGUIWP32 has since been compiled for AnyCPU under the same program name for compatibility with the Surface RT, Surface RT 2 and Surface Pro X running ARM32 (aarch32/armel) and ARM64 (aarch64) processors respectively. This allows for the full CoreGUI experience on ARM-based devices.

This application is deemed incompatible with WINE versions due to it setting itself to back automatically.