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Here you can see the current list of known bugs and the status of them.

Note that bugs identified in beta builds might not always show here. These can be viewed on the builds individual update page.

Versions effected Reported Build Status Faulting App Fault
1.2.4+ 123600 tasklistz In progress Process list does not automatically update after dealing with a process
1.2.0+ 1.2.2 NetAdapters TBD Blank row in NetAdapters
1.2.4+ 123698 CoreGUI TBD On some Core-based systems, checkboxes will have graphical glitches.
1.2.4+ 123702 dedupmenu TBD On some systems, dedupmenu will not start/stop deduplication jobs when requested.
1.2.4+ 123702 dedupmenu TBD dedupmenu cannot be moved by its window frame.
1.2.3+ CoreGUI serviceStarter TBD During startup, an AppCrash is reported that the Wine Checker Algorithm Service crashed.
1.2.3+ CoreGUI f1 TBD Too many items in the dock cause the last item to be looped endlessly