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V1.2.4 B1213667 Feature Update to Mutli-Arch

CoreGUI V1.2.4 B123667-FUTMA is a build created for V1.2.4 designed to upgrade users to the latest version of the CoreGUI-ARM branch.

Known Bugs

  • The 'Start Automatic Updates' service check will never finish if the updates service is disabled, this must be manually clicked many times for it to close.
  • The Updater if cancelled, will show a dead window behind it waiting for an action to happen.
  • This build is listed as 'CoreGUI v1.2.4 Series for ARM32' despite being compiled for x86 processors.
  • V1.2.4 Series builds have an issue on CORE systems which will cause an error if CoreGUI cannot find 'WUAPP.exe'.
  • This build will throw an error if the F1 AppOpacit file cannot be found and attempt to reset it, this will crash CoreGUI if it does not have permission.
  • The CoreGUI Features on Demand App will sometimes start with a heigher height than the screen resolution.
  • fmgrv2 has a known bug where the Folder panel has a scrollbar present at the bottom for no apparent reason.
  • MD5's cannot be copied from eMD5-This when called from fmgrv2.
  • The Switch2PrivTB icon in the dock does nothing.