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F1 is a CoreGUI System App that is responsible for launching applications and initialising the CoreGUI System.

F1 is the primary dock at the bottom of the screen that users interact with to control the system.

F1 on CoreGUI 1.2.4 Enterprise Beta 5
F1 on CoreGUI 1.2.4 Enterprise Beta 5

F1 Themes

The theme of F1 changes depending on the CoreGUI Version that is installed.

  • White - CoreGUI 1.0 throuugh 1.2.2, CoreGUI-IA
  • Dark Blue - CoreGUI V1.2.2-IA
CoreGUI-IA's F1 taskbar in Dark Blue.
CoreGUI-IA's F1 taskbar in Dark Blue.
  • Plain Black - CoreGUI 1.2.3
  • Plain Gray - CoreGUI Enterprise 1.2.3
  • Vista Black - CoreGUI 1.2.4 Onwards
  • Blue Theme - CoreGUI Enterprise 1.2.4 Beta 2+

In consumer versions of CoreGUI, the theme can be changed, however this does not save across restarts. This is partially broken in newer V1.2.4 versions and does not apply to dock items created by F1AutomatedDockApp.

Differences between versions

Different versions of CoreGUI will have different versions of the Apps Menu icon, and the Apps menu itself.

  • CoreGUI 1.2.4 Enterprise versions have MMC applications located under Settings. This is not present in Consumer versions of CoreGUI.
  • CoreGUI non-enterprise versions have the black taskbar theme behind each entry
  • As of the F1 redesign after version 1.2.2, the font size of entries has increased to be more accessible.
  • As of version 1.2.2, items in the Apps menu now have icons next to them.
  • As of 1.2.3, the Apps menu is now in the same location as the Windows Start Menu instead of being offset.